In-depth video guide:

Run using python:

  • Install poetry
  • Clone or download the files from the Gyroflow repository
  • Navigate to the folder using a commandline and install dependencies using poetry install
  • Run the application using poetry run python

Youtube channel with updates

FPV stabilization tools FB group

RSgoBlackbox discord server

Motion data sources

  • GoPro metadata
  • Insta360 metadata
  • Main drone flight controller
  • Auxilliary drone flight controller
  • Runcam 5 Orange or iFlight GOCam GR
  • Custom logger electronics.

Video sources

  • Low rolling shutter is preferred (less jello)
  • Highest possible field of view for more room to play with. This means 4:3 aspect for 4:3 sensors.
  • High-ish shutter speed decreases stabilization-induced motion blur. E.g. 90 degree shutter is usually fine. 180 degree shutter can give decent results if the source was mostly smooth.
  • Few/no dropped or duplicated frames in the footage. Can be fixed through processing in some cases.
  • Square or linearly stretched pixels. Anamorphic footage is untested.