Here are the downloads for the latest stable-ish release. If you want the latest bleeding edge code that may or may not run, check out the Github Repository. The same binaries should also be over on the Github releases page.


  • Adaptive/dynamic zoom
  • Native support for insta360 metadata
  • .gyroflow file for saving data and for future plugins
  • More output codec options
  • Improved output quality/resolution
  • Automatic sync
  • Sync with multiple points
  • Automatic calibration
  • Background color choices
  • New smoothing algorithms, including rotation limited smoothing and horizon lock
  • Audio export
  • Support for high speed footage (e.g. freefly wave), though it’s a bit more work
  • Improved user interface with video player and stabilization preview
  • Lens preset search
  • Bunch of bug fixes
  • New video tutorial/update!

Windows executable (dev branch):

Get the latest development builds with support for newer cameras such as the Runcam Split HD and other fun stuff:

Dev builds

Windows executable (0.3.0):

Only works with Windows 8 and up.


Here’s a version that should work with windows 7:


Mac executable:

Extract the zip file. Navigate to the folder in the terminal and run chmod +x ./gyroflow to make it executable. Finally run with ./gyroflow.

Ubuntu executable:

The Ubuntu version below can in theory be run by extracting, adding +x with chmod, and using ./gyroflow, but it’s not really tested, and it might be easier for most Linux users to run the python program directly since the package is hilariously big for some reason.


Source code:

Lens presets are updated every so often (you can check if your camera/lens combination is added on github):