In-depth video guide:

Run using python:

  • Install poetry
  • Clone or download the files from the Gyroflow repository
  • Navigate to the folder using a commandline and install dependencies using poetry install
  • Run the application using poetry run python

Alternatively the dependencies can be installed manually with pip.

Youtube channel with updates

FPV stabilization tools FB group

RSgoBlackbox discord server

Motion data sources

  • GoPro metadata
  • Insta360 metadata
  • Main drone flight controller
  • Auxilliary drone flight controller
  • Runcam 5 Orange or iFlight GOCam GR
  • Custom logger electronics.

Video sources

  • Low rolling shutter is preferred (less jello)
  • Highest possible field of view for more room to play with. This means 4:3 aspect for 4:3 sensors.
  • High-ish shutter speed decreases stabilization-induced motion blur. E.g. 90 degree shutter is usually fine. 180 degree shutter can give decent results if the source was mostly smooth.
  • Few/no dropped or duplicated frames in the footage. Can be fixed through processing in some cases.
  • Square or linearly stretched pixels. Anamorphic footage is untested.