Speed [m/s]:
Coords [m]:
Lift [N]:
Density [kg/m^3]:
VSpeed [m/s]:
Acc [m/s^2]:
Thrust [N]:


Control the amount of thrust using the up/down arrow keys.
Control the flaps/elevator using the left/right arrow keys.
The vertical slider shows the engine thrust.
The horizontal slider shows the elevator setting (controls the pitch).

First time use:
  1. Hold up-arrow until the engine is at max thrust (indicator at lower left corner).
  2. Wait for the speed to reach ~250 knots as indicated by the airspeed indicator.
  3. Angle the elevators up using left-arrow to take off.
  4. Don't crash
Disclaimer: The developer takes no responsibility for the abuse of the max thrust setting which may or may not send the plane into space.